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Forum : Angels by Paulo Coelho

Question from Paulo Coelho's blog:

I got a gift from a reader, Agnieska from Poland it is the painting of my guardian angel.
I wrote a book about angels I believe in angels. The book is called The Valkyries, it takes place in the Mojave Desert and there (and not only there) I had a very strong experience with angels.
Having said that: I want you to share in this forum your experience with angels.
Meaning, moments that you know that your angel is taking you out of trouble; moments that you know that your angel is helping you to get the things that you want.
And of course I want you to discuss with us your beliefs in angels. This very important because even though people talk a lot about angels, they are not truly paying attention. Normally because they dont notice that angels use other people to talk, to act for us.

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkXsv6C-J3s
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